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CCS Upcoming Courses

CCS Upcoming Courses

The Center for Christian Spirituality (CCS) offers courses in ascetical theology, spiritual direction and the spiritual guidance of children. Whether you are pursuing a formal program of study or simply wish to take a course to enhance your ministry or spiritual journey, you will find something here that will interest you.

Courses come in a variety of formats, both traditional and new. Courses might meet once a week for twelve weeks, over six weeks in a module format, biweekly, or over a few days or a weekend in an intensive format. For intensive courses, students undertake reading and practical work in advance and then complete final written or praxis-related projects within several weeks after the course.

Here are upcoming CCS courses in Fall (Michaelmas) 2014. To learn more about these courses, including days and times for class sessions, check out Course Offerings in the 2014-2015 Academic Catalog or go to the seminary's online registration.


AT 119: Angels & Demons

AT 351: Medieval Spirituality

AT 305: Group Spiritual Guidance

AT 320: Supervision for Individual & Group Spiritual Direction

AT 380: Twelve-Step Spirituality Practicum


AT 330: Contemplative Supervision for Individual and Group Spiritual Direction (November 7-9, 2014)


If, after taking a course, you are interesting in applying for a formal program of study, you may visit the Admissions Team to learn about the application process, including an online application. Once you are admitted, CCS courses which you successfully completed as a non-matriculated student can count towards the requirements of your certificate or degree program.

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