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Spiritual Guidance of Children

Spiritual Guidance of Children

Girl with flowersChildren have a natural, deep spirituality. They know God even before stories and symbols. Yet they need adults who can help them explore their relationship with the holy and learn a language for their faith.

General Theological Seminary's Spiritual Guidance of Children program
provides both academic learning and practical training for the spiritual guidance of children. The program includes academic courses in the major theological disciplines, with a focus on children’s spirituality; scholarly courses addressing the theory and history of children’s spirituality; and practicum courses teaching approaches for nurturing children's spirituality through story, wonder, silence, prayer, and play. 

As someone who cares about children's spirituality, you are welcome to apply for the program or simply take a course to enhance your ministry, spiritual life and relationships with children.

Program Specifics

You must complete 18 credits to earn a Certificate of Study in the Spiritual Guidance of Children. Courses are designed in both traditional six- and 12-week formats and often in intensive weekday and weekend formats, allowing you to pursue the certificate concurrently with other commitments. Each summer, six credits of SGC courses are held over two weeks, allowing students to complete the certificate requirements in three summers. Courses are taught by seminary faculty and expert scholars and ministers in the field of children's spirituality. 

Any course in the certificate program which you successfully completed as a non-matriculated student can count towards the requirements for your certificate, should you later decide to apply for the program. The Seminary will require that you apply for admission after you complete six credits.

Who May Pursue the Program?

Directors of Christian Formation
Sunday School Teachers
School Chaplains
Hospital Chaplains
Child Educators
Spiritual Directors
Parish Clergy
Parents, Grandparents & Godparents
Anyone Who Cares about Children's Spirituality

Questions about the Program?

Please contact the Center for Christian Spirituality by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or by calling (888) 487-5649, ext. 271.

General Seminary is grateful for its partnership with Trinity Wall Street, which graciously offers classroom space for practicum courses in Godly Play.

Partial funding for the inaugural year of the program was provided by a generous grant from the William M. Wood Foundation. 



Download this file (Certificate Tracking Form - SGC.pdf)Certificate Tracking Form - SGC.pdf[This form allows students to track their progess toward fulfilling the requirements for a Certificate in the Spiritual Guidance of Children.]144 kB

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