Contextual Education

Due to the changing reality of ministry in today's context, more students are expected to function as independent ministers upon graduation, rather than serving for a time as a ‘curate’ or associate in a larger parish. Our field placement programs give students the opportunity to develop practical, real-world ministry experience, so that they can hit the ground running fully prepared to fill their call.


Middler-year: Observational

The middler-year field placement is the ‘traditional’ seminarian parish field placement of ten hours per week in a parish setting.

This field placement is intended to be observational in nature, to allow a student to gain an understanding of the scope and depth of ministry in one location, while paying close attention to nascent priestly identity. Middler-year field students will be placed with gifted mentor at the field site. However, unlike the Wisdom Year Residency, middler-year field placement is uncompensated.


Wisdom Year: Comprehensive

The Wisdom Year is a parish-based, compensated residency integrated with concurrent course work.

It is intended for students in the third year of an ordination-track M.Div. degree program, and is also open to students completing an M.A. or S.T.M. Wisdom Year residents serve for twenty hours per week and are compensated for their work.

A Wisdom Year resident is expected to be responsible for significant parish ministry, for example: preaching regularly, leading confirmation classes, designing and teaching adult education classes, leading weekly bible studies, engaging in community outreach, coordinating Sunday School ministries, training acolytes, and developing social justice ministries. Each Wisdom Year resident's individual set of responsibilities will depend on your parish context, as well as on the resident's own gifts.