General Ordination Exam (GOE) Prep Course

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General Ordination Exam (GOE) Prep Course


This 7 week series provides a solid overview of the General Ordination Exam (GOE), including in-depth exploration of each of the six canonical areas.  This is a great course for students who plan to sit the GOEs in January.  

The course will begin with an introduction to the GOEs, provided by Duncan C. Ely. Executive Director and GOE Administrator. General Board of Examining Chaplains.  Each of the following class sessions will engage with specific exam topics.  Please note, the course follows an irregular schedule.

The course is free to matriculated students at General.  If you are a matriculated student, please register through Populi.  

Course schedule is as follows:

Tuesday Evenings (Sherred 1B) 7:30-9:30

Sep 26 - Introduction (Duncan Ely)

Oct 17 - History of the Christian Church (Prof. Bruce Mullin)

Oct 24 - Holy Scriptures (tbd)

Nov 7 - Christian Theology (Prof. Clair McPherson)

Nov 14 - Ethics & Moral Theology (Prof. Michael Battle)

Nov 28 - Christian Worship (Prof. Kevin Moroney)

Dec 5 - Practice of Ministry (Emily Wachner)

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