Chaplain's Around Town


One of the many great things about life at General is our metropolitan location. Due to the busy-ness of our lives, it often becomes too easy to think that New York begins and ends in Chelsea Square. To help you find things to do, and to encourage you to take advantage of some of the many offerings of New York City, we have created "Chaplain's Around Town (CAT)." (For now, you may find it here:  Soon, you will access it through the new TWAG!) CAT is not just a listing of random things to do in NYC. Each update to CAT will include three main features:

1) The Main Event: a selected event which we hope to form a group to attend (likely with online sign-up).

2) Things to Do: other events, exhibits, and performances which may be of interest to you based on their relevancy to the church or spirituality in general.

3)A Class of Preachers: a clearing house where you can find the "where and when" of our student preachers outside our walls.

We hope you will check it out and refer to it often. Also, please tell us how to make it better! If you're preaching, tell us where so we can include it. And most of all, enjoy this great city which, for the time being anyway, many of us call home.

Wishing you all an increase in happiness, health, and holiness,