Edge of Empires

On Friday October 21st at 6pm Professors Good, Owens and Shaner invite all interested people to join them in a visit to the NYU Institute for the Study of the Ancient World (15 E. 84th) in time for the free guided tour. This is the first visit to the exhibit Edge of Empires and there will be others. Meet at ISAW. For further information see http://isaw.nyu.edu/exhibitions/edge-of-empiresEdge of Empires vividly illustrates the international, pluralistic character of Dura-Europos, a city strategically located high above the Euphrates River, between Syria and Mesopotamia. The exhibition focuses on its final phase, in the third century CE, when Dura-Europos served as an important Roman stronghold on the empire’s eastern edge. Many of the objects on view demonstrate the coexistence of multiple religions—including polytheistic cults, Judaism, and Christianity—the great variety of languages employed by its population, and its role as an international military garrison. Professor Deirdre Good