Election Results for the 2011-2012 GTS Community Council

President--Michael Meaney
Vice President--Mike Rau
Secretary--Lauren McLeavey
Advanced Degrees Representative--Erin Betz
M.Div. Sr. Representative--Brad Jones
M.Div. Middler Representative--Alex Martin
M.Div. Junior Representative--Rik Pike
Master of Arts Representative--Andrew Durbridge
Commuter Representative--Nick Sollom
Spartner Representative--Melissa Rau
Parent Representative--Gale Jones
Student Representatives to the Board of Trustees--Stefanie Wilson, Mary Julia Jett
Master of Arts Representative to the Academic Affairs Committee--Andrew Durbridge
Master of Divinity Representative to the Academic Affairs Committee--Mary Julia Jett
I would like to thank M.Div. senior John Kellogg and Chief Financial Officer Sandra Johnson, who aided in the counting of the ballots. I also would like to thank all students, spartners, and staff members who volunteered their time as poll watchers during this election.
It was an honor and a privilege to offer service to the community in this way.  May God bless the work of the 2011-2012 Community Council and all of the GTS community.
Respectfully in Christ,
Brandt Montgomery, Election Manager