GOE Review Session Schedule

Please note that attendance is limited to those students who will be sitting the GOEs in January 2012.  For questions, please contact Renny Martin (rmartin@gts.edu) or Chaplain Reho (reho@gts.edu).Fri. 10/21 @ 10:00 in Sherred 1a: Theology, presented by P. Carnley Fri. 10/21 @ 1:30 in Sherred 1a: Church History, presented by B. Mullin Fri. 10/28 @ 1:30 in Sherred 1a: Pastoral Theology, presented by A. Lamborn Fri. 11/4 @ 10:30 in Sherred 1a: Liturgy, presented by L. Moore Wed. 11/16 @ 11:00 in Sherred 2a: Old Testament, presented by R. Owens Fri. 12/2 @ 1:30 in Sherred 1a: New Testament, presented by D. Good Fri. 12/9 @ 1:30 in Sherred 1a: Contemporary Society, presented by M. De Champlain