Spiritual Directors on the Close in October

Barbara Crafton-Tue, Oct 18 & 25, Faculty Conference Room James Warnke-Fri, Oct 14, 21 & 28, Faculty Conference Room Nigel Massey-Thu, Oct 20 & 27, Oratory Westina Matthews-Fri, Sat, Mon, Oct 14, 15, 16, Oratory

Spiritual direction is about holy companionship as you grow in relationship with God. A spiritual director is someone with whom you can speak confidentially and honestly about your experiences of God, who will accompany you as you explore your spirituality, and to whom you can be accountable in your spiritual disciplines. A spiritual director will listen as you share your interior life, notice how God is present for you, teach and encourage you to try new ways of praying, and help you discern God’s good purposes for you. GTS is blessed by the ministries of five spiritual directors who regularly visit the Close. Any member of the GTS community—student, professor, staff member, or family member—is welcome to meet occasionally or regularly (usually once a month) with a spiritual director.

Biographies of the spiritual directors, guidance for you about their ministries at GTS, and instructions for scheduling appointments are available in the information section of The Rookery and also posted on the Spiritual Direction bulletin board in the lobby of the West Building. Please keep your appointments! Write them down in every calendar, and pray for the Spirit to guide you there!