GTS Students Inspired to Demonstrate


On Thursday, November 16, more than a dozen students from the General Theological Seminary donned cassocks and joined demonstrators from the Occupy Wall Street movement at the local subway stop at 23rd Street and 8th Avenue. As a part of a larger day of action, the peaceable demonstration was a citywide effort to stand outside subway stations and promote the messages of the movement. In no case did the demonstrators obstruct or interfere with the operation of the station. The students brought homemade signs emphasizing that they stand for justice for all. "We needed to be present as witness and to be there as chaplains to offer prayers," said GTS Student, Renny Martin. Later several students proceeded downtown and took part in the main rally and march. There they found themselves to be a ministering presence, offering prayers to the protesters and others. "It was a remarkable opportunity not just to witness Occupy Wall Street, but to be present as the body of Christ in the city," said Martin.

The event was covered by the New York NBC affliate: