GTS to Offer Exciting January 2012 Courses

General Seminary is now accepting registrations for three courses in January 2012 taught by outstanding visiting professors and offering different experiences for General Learners with busy schedules. To discover more about the course offerings and to register, click here. Of special interest is a course on Christian Symbolic Identity with Esther de Waal, a popular teacher of Christian spirituality and prayer. Students can take her course , in late January, for academic credit, audit the entire course, take just two days for a Continuing Education Unit, or come for a special session open to everyone on Saturday, January 28. The Saturday session will examine on the role of beauty in the spiritual life, with particular focus on the illustrated St. John's Bible by the esteemed calligrapher Donald Jackson. Since his Scriptorium is on the Welsh Borders, where de Waal lives, she knows his work well and feels especially qualified to discuss the underlying vision of the role of beauty in the service of the Word.

The seminary is glad, too, to welcome Jerome Berryman, founder of Godly Play, who will teach Challenge of Children to the Church, a course on theologians' views of children. The course will invite students to develop their own informed theology of children to guide their ministries. This course is part of the seminary's new Spiritual Guidance of Children certificate program, but anyone with a desire to companion children in the spiritual life may participate.

For those who seek to enhance their spiritual practices, Chad Thralls, visiting from Fordham University, will teach Open Your Eyes, a short course examining themes of attention, vision, and seeing in the history of Christian spirituality and explore their usefulness for spiritual practice today. Come see into greater insight!