URGENT: Retreat CANCELLED for Juniors and Middlers

I heard from our liaison person at Trinity Conference Center that TCC still has no power from the weekend storm, and many trees down and there is other damage to their property.  They do not expect to open any earlier than Monday, and will not have power until then.  Therefore they have needed to cancel our retreat plans and will work with us to reschedule.  Alison, Jon, and the whole TCC staff is very sorry to disappoint us, but at this point they are sure that they will be unable to serve us this weekend.
Therefore our Junior-Middler retreat for this weekend (Nov. 4 -6) is CANCELLED at this time.  We will work to reschedule beginning next week, and I will keep you posted as to possible dates for retreat.
I am very sorry about this, and was looking forward to a fun and meaningful time together with the many of you who were planning on attending.
James Reho, Chaplain