Faculty Candidate Visits

The first of several visits this winter by candidates for our open faculty positions will occur on Thursday, 15thDecember.  The search committee has invited Mr. Kenneth Reynhout to the Close that day to meet further with students and faculty with respect to his application for our professorship in Systematic Theology and Ethics.  Students are invited to have informal lunch discussion with him in the Refectory, and faculty are invited to a reception with him late that afternoon.  He will give a lecture shortly after lunch to which all are invited.  That Thursday comes at the end our final exam schedule, but we hope all will make an effort to attend his lecture and to meet him.  Student assessments are very important as various candidates are considered for our faculty.  Next week, exact times will be posted, and Mr. Reynhout’s CV will be made available. Prof. Robert Owens (for the search committee)