Amy Lamborn Awarded Best Paper at Psychology and the Other Conference

Amy Lamborn, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology, was awarded best paper at the October 2011 Psychology and the Other conference in Boston, a gathering of psychologists, theologians, pastoral counselors, and philosophers. The paper, entitled The Fourth/Reduction: Carl Jung, Richard Kearney, and the Via Tertia of Otherness, presents an interdisciplinary face off between Jung's psychology and Kearney's philosophy of religion: Lamborn argues that the via tertia, or third way, of Otherness is best envisioned as a "space of commerce" between the ordinary and the extraordinary, where immanence (the other) and transcendence (the Other) meet. In her current work, including her Michaelmas 2011 course Hospitality to the Stranger: Exploring Otherness, Lamborn is considering how pastoral theological method and praxis can incorporate scholarly ideas about Otherness.