Pilgrimage to Assisi planned for early summer 2013

Br. Max Kolbe, Society of Saint Francis, and Michael Foley, Candidate for Holy Orders in the Episcopal Diocese of Los Angeles, will take 20 to 25 people on pilgrimage from Rome to Assisi early in the summer of 2013. Pilgrims will move deeper in faith, community and nature as they encounter the rich history and art of Italy. Pilgrims will discover how the life of St. Francis continues to invite people to cross boundaries, discover new joy in themselves and practice fresh ways of devotion.  Br. Max and Michael Foley personally journeyed to Rome and Assisi this past August and discovered special places of interest for this pilgrimage. The resulting program will be uplifting, spiritually engaging, and intellectually enriching. You are invited to consider this exciting pilgrimage for yourself.  Feel free to invite others with you who might be interested.

You may learn more at this website or by emailing Max or Michael.