Prof. J. Robert Wright Celebrates Christmas with Serbs


GTS Senior Professor J. Robert Wright was the guest of honor on Saturday, January 7, at a banquet held by the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral of Saint Sava in Manhattan to celebrate the Feast of Christmas in the Eastern Orthodox calendar, a feast that also incorporates traditions of the Magi's visit. Addressing some 400 persons, many from Eastern Europe, Fr. Wright spoke about the tradition, seen in the mosaics of Ravenna, Italy, and common since at least the 6th century, of Three Kings or Wise Men representing different nations and races gathering on bended knees to worship the same Lord.  "The Church has thus been understood as catholic or inclusive of all peoples," said Fr. Wright. "This tradition," he added, "is still a challenge to both Anglicans and Serbians even today."  The Serbian Orthodox church in the United States has remained steadfast in its ecumenical friendship with The Episcopal Church, Fr. Wright notes, including co-sponsoring a recent joint pilgrimage to Serbia with the New York Episcopal diocese. Fr. Wright is senior consultant to the Ecumenical Office of The Episcopal Church as well as canon theologian to the Episcopal Bishop of New York.