Prof. Mitties DeChamplain on The Holy, Catholic Theater


The narratives of theater aid in interpreting and reflecting on mystery and truth in human lives and ways of being in the world. So writes GTS Professor of Preaching Mitties DeChamplain in The Holy, Catholic Theater: Exegesis of Life on the Stage, her article for the current issue of the journal Topoi: An International Review of Philosophy. The theater is a holy, "God-haunted" place of transcendence and transformation, she asserts, and is also catholic in its inherent commitment to tell what is true about human existence. Furthermore, the story-telling of the theater offers a "sanctuary" or safe place for human self-discovery, remembering and re-invention. "Perhaps the best way to characterize the holy, catholic theater," she concludes, "is to say that it is, in its truest moments, a place of love." Mother Mitties also ministers as Vicar of St. Clement's Episcopal Church, in which is located the third oldest, continually operating Off Broadway theater in New York City. Sunday Mass is held on the theater's stage, with the altar surrounded by the set of the current production.