Coming Up This Week at General

Here is a list of events coming up in the next week.  See TWAG ( for more details. Sunday (Feb 19) at 10:00am - Bob Owens leads forum on Lord's Prayer at Grace Church on Broadway

Sunday and Monday (Feb 19 and 20) - Prospective Students Conference

Sunday (Feb 19) 9:00pm - GLBT Reception for Prospective Students (info was published by e-mail)

Monday (Feb 20) at 7 pmFirst meeting of Episcopal Evangelism Network

Tuesday (Feb 21) at 6:00pm - Community Eucharist.  See Chapel Schedule

Wednesday (Feb 22) - Ash Wednesday, Classes suspended.  See Chapel Schedule for services

Thursday (Feb 23) at 7:00pm - Interseminary Dialogue in Seabury Auditorium

Thursday (Feb 23) at 7:00pm - Fr. Matthew Moretz, speaks about Social Media at GTS Digital Formation event

Friday (24 Feb) 9;00am - 11:00am - The Rev. Allison Moore offers Wellness Workshop on Relationship Health in Seabury Auditorium

Friday (Feb 24) 2:00pm to 5:00pm - Safe Church Adult Workshop (info was published by e-mail)