Community at Play: Come Pretend Noah's Ark on March 9, 3:30pm

Children, students, faculty, staff, friends, neighbors: You are all invited to come "play" the story of Noah's Ark on Friday, March 9, from 3:30pm to 5:00pm, in Seabury Auditorium. The event will be part of the Pretending Bible Stories course in the Spiritual Guidance of Children program, which will teach  the art of dramatic play, using basic theatre improv techniques, as a Bible study method. This technique can be used with any age group and across generations. Students will also interpret Scriptural insights through mythic, mnemonic, and contemporary midrashic points of view: Prof. Suzanne Guthrie promises a really GREAT midsrash critique of the Noah's Ark story. To help with planning, please email Jeanne Person to say you'll come and play!