Episcopal Evangelism Network @ GTS

First Meeting: Monday, Feb 20 at 7 pmWhere: The student lounge Wine and light refreshments provided

Please RSVP Here: https://docs.google.com/a/gts.edu/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dC12QjdzazZGcXBlR3ZqZ1NnaWR4YWc6MQ Q: What is EEN? A: EEN is two things in one. It is a network of EEN chapters in most of the Episcopal seminaries and it is a network of GTS students and lay leaders interested in progressive evangelism.

Q: Whoa, “progressive evangelism”? What’s that? A: Progressive evangelism refers to not in your face, Bible thumping folks. EEN seeks to create here at GTS a space where we can learn an authentically Episcopal practice of evangelism so that our proclamation of the Gospel will embody the most valuable spiritual assets of the Episcopal Church, such as, Trinitarian-Incarnational theology, social justice practices, sacramental-mystical spirituality, and respect for the role of reason in spiritual development.

Q: Go on, I’m listening. A: EEN takes a multifaceted approach to leadership formation. This integrative approach trains leaders to engage in creative responses to local circumstances. Formative elements include: adaptive leadership, spiritual narrative, organizational systems analysis, community organizing and discernment, and direct mentoring by seasoned entrepreneurial leaders.

Q: OK, you kinda lost me again. What does that mean in practice? A: Let me give you an example. One of the first trainings we will have as a chapter is how to listen to discern when someone wants to talk about God. It’s probably happened to you that once someone finds out that you study at a seminary the conversation takes a certain turn. Or perhaps someone has told you that they’re spiritual but not religious. How can you continue the conversation with them where you are evangelizing but not turning them off? Another example, you’re assigned to a church that has only 20 folks on an average Sunday, what can you do to try to grow the congregation? These are skills we can learn in trainings, seminars and from each other.

Q: That sounds pretty cool. What else? A: Well, most of us will serve in different parishes in the area and we’ll try out new things in ways of evangelizing, we’ll share those with each other. We’ll also learn from other chapters in the network about what has and is working elsewhere. Ultimately, the EEN chapter here at GTS will allow us to learn from each other, speakers and a national network how to evangelize to grow our church today.

Q: I’m in. What’s next? A: Join us for our upcoming get together to learn more, gauge interest and get involved in this new chapter here at GTS.