Reminder: Office of Transitional Ministry workshop


The Rev. Victoria Duncan from the Office of Transitional Ministry will  meet with General's seminarians on Wednesday, February 8 from 7:30 - 9:00 pm in Sherred 1B to discuss the discernment process from theological, practical and technical aspects (including the "OTM Profile"). All are welcome. We encourage anyone who plans to attend to first receive permission from his/her bishop to register with the Office for Transition Ministry. With the bishop's permission (which our Office will confirm directly) the student may go to The Episcopal Church's website at, find the Transition Ministry page (currently under the orange "Networking" tab), and on the right hand side of the Transition Ministry page click on the "Register with OTM" link. This link takes the registrant to a form to be completed and submitted electronically to our Office. Once registered, the student will receive access to his/her Personal Ministry Portfolio which will then be accessible at for updating and searching purposes.

The Office for Transition Ministry (OTM)  serves the Dioceses of The Episcopal Church, with the Bishops and their designated staff liaisons (usually called "Diocesan Transition Ministers") being their direct connections.  OTM encourages relationship between the seminarians and the Bishops' Offices to be primary and their Office to be understood as extended support.