Would You Like to be the GTS ERD representative?

If justice and advocacy work, as well as outreach work, are central to your conception of ministry and church, why not consider being the ERD (Episcopal Relief and Development) representative for GTS?  As the ERD rep, you would get to attend the yearly ERD seminary conference, build a large network of justice-minded people within and outside of the church, and work on campus to raise awareness of, and participation in, the work ERD does both at home and around the world.  For more information on ERD, please visit their website: http://www.er-d.org/ . If you are interested in this opportunity, please send an essay to Chaplain Reho answering the following questions (the decision-making process is still under development; at this point, he is simply collecting the essays):

1.  Why do you wish to be the GTS ERD rep?

2.  What have you done in the past that prepares you for this work?

3.  What have you done at GTS that prepares you for this work?

There is no word limit/minimum; just please answer fully.  Please submit essays to Chaplain Reho by April 1st.

This is a real opportunity.  Aside from being a great way to engage in ministry and awareness during your time in seminary, it's also a great thing to have on your resume!