About TWAG - Your Place for GTS Community News

TWAG (This Week At General) seeks to provide a timely synopsis of seminary schedules, upcoming events, and items of general interest to the GTS community.  To do that effectively we solicit your assistance.  If you have upcoming events, items of interest, or schedule changes please let us know so that we can publish them to TWAG.  Please consider TWAG first when you have an item of community interest and submit any items of interest to twag@gts.edu. As you may know, TWAG is a website dedicated to life in the seminary community and neighborhood and contains items of specific interest to the GTS community.  If you bookmark news.gts.edu/twag, you can always have easy access to the latest information. TWAG is collocated on the website with GTS News, which serves a broader community, including alumni, trustees and friends of GTS and which contains items of general interest to that community.

When items are published in TWAG, they are immediately posted to the website and can be viewed at any time. In addition, if you follow TWAG on Twitter you will receive each item shortly after it is published.  Finally, to be certain that everyone with a gts.edu e-mail address (we are working to include Spartner addresses too) receives all posts, a weekly TWAG Headlines e-mail is sent each Thursday afternoon from the Dean's Office.  This automated message includes all items that have been posted since the last e-mail.

We hope you will read and follow TWAG regularly - it is the best place to find current information about what's going on in our community.

Also, if you have comments or suggestions about TWAG, please let us know by e-mail to TWAGeditor@gts.edu.

Walt Kindergan TWAG Editor TWAGeditor@gts.edu