Events Coming Up Next Week

Sunday, March 18* No special events scheduled

Monday, March 19 * GTS Visioning Meeting, Seabury 21st Street Room - 11:00am * Episcopal Evangelism Network, Monthly Mtg, Community Lounge - 6:30pm (open to all)

Tuesday, March 20 * Community Council Meeting, Seabury 21st Street Room (open meeting) - 4:00pm * Community Eucharist, followed by light meal in Refectory - 6:00pm

Wednesday, March 21 * No special events scheduled

Thursday, March 22 * GTS Visioning Presentation, Seabury 21st Street Room - 3:00pm

Friday, March 23 * Chili and Corn Bread Cookoff, Seabury Auditorium - 6:00pm.

Saturday, March 17 * No special events scheduled