Amy Lamborn to Present at Bethany Presidential Forum


Amy Lamborn, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology, is an invited speaker for a scholarly panel at the fourth Presidential Forum at Bethany Theological Seminary on April 13-14, 2012. The Forum, "Joy and Suffering in the Body: Turning Toward Each Other", will address the intersection of human sexuality and spirituality.

Bethany Theological Seminary is the graduate school and academy for theological education for the  Church of the Brethren. Like many church bodies today, the Church of the Brethren is working toward a holistic view of human sexuality and spirituality as it struggles over its stance toward persons in same-sex covenantal relationships.

The Forum aims to provide a space where people of many faith confessions, biblical interpretations, and sexual orientations may gather to turn toward each other to listen, to learn, and to share in the common work of seeking to be the body of Christ in the world. Lamborn will speak from a psychological and pastoral-theological perspective.  Her address, "'Til by Turning, Turning We Come Round Right': Dancing with Otherness", will present the "simple gifts" of imagination, empathy, discernment, and hospitality. Other scholars will offer biblical, ethical, medical, and historical points of view.

"I am honored," Lamborn said, "to join other scholars from across the country in this interdisciplinary round table with members of one of the historic peace churches as they, too, struggle together as a body with human sexuality."