Earth Day Contemplative Eucharist, April 21


Celebrating the Sacred and Earthly Gifts ofWater, Oil, Bread, and Wine

A Contemplative Eucharist in Honor of Earth Day

Saturday, April 21, 1pm to 5pm General Seminary's Seabury Auditorium

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A Contemplative Eucharist is a worship service that offers you time, spaciousness and leisure to savor the mysteries. Held on the weekend of International Earth Day, this experience will invite you to reconnect with Mother Earth, and God in Christ, through contemplative and sacramental exploration.

You will spend time, in silence and in conversation, dwelling with the many meanings of water, oil, bread, and wine. You will ponder sacred and secular associations  with these signs. You will pray ecological prayers. All of this in keeping with the church’s Eucharistic worship and unfolding over the course of the afternoon.

Serving as presider and spiritual guide for the afternoon will be the Rev. Dr. Jonathan Linman, author of Holy Conversation: Spirituality for Worship. He is Bishop's Assistant for Formation in the Metropolitan New York Synod of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America and also the professor for General Seminary's Liturgical Spirituality course this spring.  Sharing in the planning and leadership of the Contemplative Eucharist will be students in the course.