Events Next Week

Sunday, April 29* Deadline to sign up for Bishop of Newark Preaching Prize competition * Deadline for submissions for William C. Winslow Prize

Monday, April 30 Dr. Ellen Davis Lecture on Religion and Culture at St. James Church

Tuesday, May 1 * Community Solemn Holy Eucharist, Chapel, 6:00pm, followed by light dinner in Refectory Wednesday, May 2 * PSI Forum on "PSI Forum on Lauguage as Life-Giving or," at NY Open Center, 10:30am to noon * Deadline to sign up for the Seymour Prize preaching competition * An Evening with the Presiding Bishop

Thursday, May 3 * Last day of classes * Deadline to sign up to participate for 2011 Alumni/ae Prize in Ecclesiatical History competition

Friday, May 4 * Faculty Appreciation Reception after Evensong * Reading Period begins - till May 8

Saturday, May 5 * No special events scheduled