George Cabot Ward Prize: May 3 and May 7 Readings

The George Cabot Ward (in memoriam) Prize is awarded annually to a member of the Senior Class for the best reading of the Bible and the Service of the Church. (The Senior Class is to be understood as those receiving M. Div. and M.A. degrees in 2012.) The "best reading", according to the intention of the donor, is to be determined with special reference to reverence, distinctness, simplicity, naturalness, and the proper use of the voice. Appointments will be heard in the Chapel by Prof. David Hurd and The Rev. K. Jeanne Person on Thursday, 3 May, 1:30-3:30pm and Monday, 7 May, 1:30-3:30pm. Applicants will be asked to choose and prepare in advance a passage from scripture, not longer than three minutes in length. At the appointment, they will be asked also to read an additional scripture selection and a portion of liturgical text from The Book of Common Prayer or Book of Occasional Services.

All students interested in reading for this prize are asked to sign up for an appointment on the sheet posted in the Mail Room of the Moore Building. With questions, please contact Prof. Hurd by e-mail.