GTS Furniture Ministry

New Furniture Ministry We are creating a GTS Furniture Reuse Ministry to pass along furniture and books that need a new home.  Graduating students will now have the opportunity to leave their gently used books and furniture for incoming students instead of leaving them on the NY city streets.  We will store your gift until we can pass it on for you.

E-mail Michael Meaney,, or Mike Rau,, to arrange a drop off  - or to seek assistance in moving your items.

We are thinking the second and third weeks in May will be best for most; just send us an e-mail or call and we can set up a meeting at a time convenient for you.  We will send this again to remind you when the time gets closer, but begin thinking about what you might be willing to donate.  And if Middlers or Juniors can help move stuff, please contact us – we can use the help.

This will be a great opportunity to welcome our new class in real and helpful way.

Your Brothers in Christ, Michael & Mike