How the other half worships: Orthodox Pascha experience


Dear Community Members,

You may be aware that Holy Week (Great Week) for Orthodox Christians occurs one week later than Western church celebrations of the Triduum in 2012; this means that you can experience both this year!  GTS has a good relationship with the clergy and community of the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection (Orthodox Church in America), and students and faculty have in years past attended the Pascha services there.  Almost all of the liturgy is done in English, making it a very accessible service and a great opportunity both for worship and for learning.

Those wishing to attend this beautiful service (which lasts through the night and includes a community breakfast) should arrive at 11:30 p.m., Saturday April 14, for the Vigil of Pascha.  The Cathedral is located at 2nd Street & 2nd Avenue, and their website is  Originally I had hoped to accompany a group, but as I will be celebrating Eucharist that Sunday, it is likely not wise for me to be up through the night before.  However, I will reach out to the Cathdral Dean, Fr. Christopher, to let him know that GTS students may be attending; he and his congregation will offer a warm welcome.

Those of you who have taken CH1 will have already Fr. Wright's "Cliff's Notes" on the celebration of the Pascha.  If I can answer any questions for you around this service, please do let me know by email ( or phone (x296).  I also have available an excellent "quick summary" article on the Pascha provided by Fr. Wright, which I will be happy to forward to any interested.