New On-line Maintenance Work Order System

General Theological Seminary has a new Maintenance Work Order System.  This web-based work order entry system will replace all hand-written and online work order requests.  It will also allow access from all electronic devices and browsers from wherever you are (Please note, as always in an emergency, i.e. gas leak, call the GTS Front desk at 212.243.5150 immediately). You can access the new WebTMA work order system from the GTS website and the Rookery. You may also want to bookmark this URL: Once on the site you will find a work order request form.  The request form is straight forward but if you need assistance please refer to the attached Work Order Entry Directions for a step-by-step walk through.

Once your work order has been reviewed you will receive a work order number and any further communication should reference that number.

WebTMA is a robust and intuitive Computerized Maintenance Management System but like all new systems it will need everyone to be engaged and embrace the new process.  We anticipate with the use of this tool we will be able to better serve the GTS community.  For the first time GTS leadership will be able to see all open work orders and be able to manage the open list.  This will expedite repairs and manage costs better.  We will also be able to get statistics including mean time-to-repair and be able to monitor customer service and note recurring problems. That being said, the system is new to us as well and we will be working through issues that arise and are inherent to any new application.  The Facilities Department, the IT Department, Aramark and WEBTMA have put much thought into the development and implementation of WebTMA here at GTS.  We hope that our efforts prove to be a win-win for all involved.  As we work with the system there will be upgrades implemented that will enable the users to monitor, track status and even grade the work performed by the staff through a questionnaire.

As always if you have questions or issues please contact the Facilities Department.  We will do our best to answer your questions or address any issues you are experiencing.

Thank You,

Dan LaJoie, Director of Facilities GTS, and Anne Keating, Chief Technology Officer