Spiritual Directors on the Close in May

Upcoming Dates for Spiritual DirectionBarbara Crafton: Most Tuesdays Louise Litke: April 30, May 1-3 Nigel Massey: May 3 Westina Matthews: May 11, 12, 14 James Warnke: April 27, May 11

Thank You for Making Your Appointments On-line To all who are scheduling appointments with the GTS spiritual directors by using the on-line Google calendar, thank you! If you are still learning how to do this, remember: To schedule time with a spiritual director, visit the Spiritual Direction Appointments Calendar, click on an available appointment, and reserve your time.

Notes about Making Appointments 1. Barbara Crafton prefers to run her own schedule. To request an appointment with her, please email her directly. 2. Once you have made an appointment, it will appear on your own Google calendar. If you wish to cancel the appointment, you may simply delete it from your own calendar, and the time slot will reopen on the appointments calendar. 3. If you are unable to use the online system, please contact the Rev. K. Jeanne Person, 212-243-5150, ext. 271, who will be glad to schedule your appointment for you.

Please keep your appointment! Let Google remind you! Write your appointment in every calendar, and pray for the Spirit to guide you there! If you need to cancel, and made the appointment online, you can cancel simply by deleting the appointment from your own Google calendar. Otherwise, you may contact Jeanne, who will be glad to tell your director for you and help you reschedule.

Even Now, You May Seek Spiritual Direction! General Seminary is grateful for the five spiritual directors whose ministry is to companion you in the spiritual life. A spiritual director is someone with whom you can speak confidentially and honestly about your experiences of God. Your spiritual director will listen as you share your interior life, notice how God is present for you, teach and encourage you to try new ways of praying, and help you discern God’s good purposes for you. Any member of the GTS community—student, professor, staff member, or family member—is welcome to meet occasionally or regularly (usually once a month) with a spiritual director. Even if you have not met with a spiritual director before, yet would like to do so before the Easter 2012 term concludes, you may make an appointment!