Student Prize Opportunities for 2012

The General Theological Seminary of the Episcopal Church General Seminary annually awards a number of prizes in areas that have been designated by donors over the many years of the seminary's existence.  Each prize has one faculty member who coordinate(s) the process; in some cases other faculty members and persons from outside the Seminary participate in the process.  Prizes in reading and preaching involve specially arranged times for performance in these areas, usually during Reading Days.  Prizes for essays call for submission of work relating to the prize, but essays may be those previously submitted for courses, or revisions of them.  The following is a list of the all the prizes and the names of the faculty/staff members who coordinate consideration.  Faculty members circulate the criteria for each prize for which they are responsible, along with the process and deadlines.

  • 2011 Alumni/ae Prize in Ecclesiastical History:  Established in 1895, this prize is awarded annually to a member of the senior class for the best essay focusing on “the historical interpretation of the life and thought of the Church of England (including the Episcopal Church and Anglican Communion) with special reference to its continuity with the ancient Catholic Church.”  Seniors interested in the competition should signify the same to Professor Wright by May 3.  This two-hour open-book examination may be taken anywhere at any time within the period from May 4 to May 7.   The traditional value of this prize is $200.  Responsibility: Professors Wright and Mullin
  • 2011 Clement J. Whipple Prize:  This prize is awarded annually for the best paper submitted to the Faculty by a student in any degree program of the Seminary for work that has been refereed and accepted for publication.  The deadline for this competition is May 7, the traditional value of this prize is $200.  Responsibility:  Professor Wright.
  • Church and Society Prize: for a paper by a graduating M.Div. student on urban life and ministry, $200.  Responsibility:  Professor Malloy
  • Winifred H. Clark, Jr. Prize in Anglican Mission and Social Justice: $500.  Responsibility:  Chaplain Reho and Professor Malloy
  • The H.P. Montgomery Prize: This prize is awarded to the Junior M.Div student achieving the highest grade-point average.  Responsibility: Mr. Hagerty
  • Journeys Unlimited New York Holy Land Travel Prize: awarded to two graduating M.Div. students.  Responsibility: Professors Good and Owens
  • McVikar Alumni/ae Prize in Greek: awarded to an M.Div student, $200.  Responsibility:  Professor Shaner
  • The Bishop Of Newark Preaching Prize: is awarded to the graduating M.Div. Senior whose sermon is judged best on the basis of content, delivery, theological consistency and biblical integrity. The recipient of this award will be the preacher at the Commencement Day Holy Eucharist on May 18. You are to preach what you believe to be your best sermon to date other than your Senior sermon. Sermons should not exceed 15 minutes. This event will be held on Tuesday, May 3. Sermons will be heard by Professors Good and DeChamplain. The start time will be 11:30 or 1:30—depending on how many desire to preach.  A sign-up sheet will be posted in the Mail Room on April 15th and remain there until April 29. People should sign up there and the order of sign-up will be the preaching order on May 3.  Responsibility:  Professors De Champlain and Good
  • The Seymour Prize: is given in recognition of the best extemporaneous preaching by a seminarian of any class. This particular competition will be held on Friday, May 5, 2011 in the Chapel of the Good Shepherd beginning at 1:30 P.M. Professors DeChamplain and Good will hear five-minute homilies DELIVERED WITHOUT NOTES, and with 30 minutes preparation time.  Details about preaching order and scripture text will be given to those who express interest. This sign-up sheet will be posted in the Mail Room on April 15th and remain there until May 2.  Responsibility:  Professors De Champlain and Good.
  • J. Wilson Sutton Prize: for a thesis submitted by a graduating M.A. or M.Div. student, $550.: Thesis advisors to make nominations and submission to a judge named by Bishop Lee.
  • George Cabot Ward Prize: for reading of the Bible and the Service of the Church by a graduating M.Div.  or M.A. student, $200.  Responsibility:  Professor Hurd
  • William C. Winslow Prize:  The Seminary can award two cash prizes each year for essays or articles (published or unpublished) on a subject relating to "Archaeology and the Bible." These are awarded in honor of William C. Winslow, and are available to M.Div. Middlers and Seniors. The essay may--but need not--have been submitted as a class paper. "Archaeology" is understood here to mean the study of the material remains or features (personal implements, buildings, geography, economic patterns, etc.) of the ancient societies related to the Old or New Testament writings.  April 29th is the deadline for submissions.  Responsibility: Professor Owens