Thursday event: "Not for Solace Only . . ."

On Thursday, 12 April, Fr. Andrew Wright, an M.Div. graduate of General and a current Th.D. student, will defend his dissertation, “Not for Solace Only: Real Presence and Eucharistic Intimacy.” Doctoral students are invited to the defense in the 21st Street Room at 1:30pm. At 3:30pm, Fr. Wright, then Dr. Wright, will make a presentation of his work to the entire GTS community in the combined 21st Street / Close Room.  He will demonstrate how modern theologians, in response to the possible failure of classical approaches to speak to modern ears, are searching for contemporary language to express the Church’s experience of Jesus in the Eucharist.  Fr. Wright has focused on the concept of “intimacy” as a way to defend both the objective reality and the inter-subjectivity of the Eucharistic presence.

Immediately following the presentation, a reception will be held in Fr. Malloy’s apartment.  All who come to the dissertation presentation are invited to celebrate with Dr. Wright, his friends, and the faculty.