A New Book by Amy Lamborn


A new book by the Rev. Dr. Amy Bentley Lamborn, Assistant Professor of Pastoral Theology, as been selected for publication in 2014 by Pickwick Publication. Figuring the Self, Figuring the Sacred will be featured in Pickwick's Distinguished Dissertations in Christian Theology Series. In the book, Lamborn explores the deep structure of the One and the Many as it manifests in the surface grammar of psychological theory and Trinitarian theology. This deep structure, she writes, is both generative and receptive; a location for revelation; a space in which we may encounter ultimate things. A distinct contribution of the book is Lamborn's treatment of chora—an “abyssal” space of emergence and becoming; a pre-cognitive site of both chaos and order that precedes and underlies all figuration. In Lamborn's view, chora provides a unique methodological strategy for navigating the theological and psychological reflections that are situated in a common interpretive horizon. Following recent philosophers and theologians, she identifies chora as “neither God nor not God but the depth of God;” the space “where the self bottoms out;” an “open site where the divine may dwell and heal.” Figuring the Self, Figuring the Sacred will consider pastoral implications of these claims.