Awards and Prizes from the 190th Commencement at General Seminary

The following prizes were awarded at the 190th Commencment on May 16, 2012: The Alumni/ae Prize in Ecclesiastical History was awarded to Rebecca Anne Barnes, Class of 2012.

The Journeys Unlimited New York Holy Land Travel Prize was awarded to Keith Alden Voets, Class of 2012.

The Bishop of Newark Preaching Prize for a sermon by a graduating M.Div. student on the bases of content, delivery, theological consistency and biblical integrity was awarded to Samuel V. Tallman, Class of 2012.

The Church and Society Prize for a paper submitted by a graduating M.Div. student on an aspect of urban life and ministry was awarded to John Christopher Ballard, Class of 2012.

The McVikar Alumni/ae Greek Prize was awarded to Lauren Holder, Class of 2014.

The Seymour Prize for extemporaneous preaching by any student was awarded jointly to John Christopher Ballard, Class of 2012 and Jeffrey Keith Evans, Class of 2012.

The J. Wilson Sutton Prize for a thesis submitted by a graduating M.A. or M.Div. student was awarded to Robert Owens Scott, Class of 2012.

The George Cabot Ward Prize for reading of the Bible and the Service of the Church by a graduating M.Div. or M.A. student was awarded to Brandt Montgomery, Class of 2012.

The Clement J. Whipple Prize for a paper submitted to the faculty by a student in any degree program, which has been accepted for publication was awarded to Jack Gilpin, Class of 2012.