GTS Digital Formation Webinar: Skype and Spiritual Direction

On Monday, June 11, at 1 p.m., GTS Digital Formation will host its next hour-long webinar, in partnership with the seminary's Center for Christian Spirituality, on the topic of Skype and Spiritual Direction. This free webinar, with guest presenter Lindsay Boyer, will explore the use of the video conferencing tool Skype for spiritual direction and pastoral ministry. To register for the webinar, open to all, click here. Boyer, who earned her S.T.M. in Spiritual Direction from GTS in 2003, is a spiritual director in New York City who uses Skype for spiritual direction with groups. Originally not one to embrace technology, Boyer was at first reluctant to use Skype in her ministry. To her surprise, she has found that Skype can enhance intentionality in her sessions: The use of video chat requires her directees to focus in a new way. Furthermore, "digital technology adds intentionality to silence," she believes. "It helps to make silence not just an absence of noise." Skype also provides accessibility and flexibility for her directees who no longer have to travel to participate in spiritual direction.

In the webinar, Boyer will share the process of how she learned to use technology skillfully in her practice and will address both benefits and disadvantages in using new media for a ministry influenced by ancient spiritual practices. The webinar will also explore other digital tools, in addition to Skype, for long distance ministry and communication.

During the webinar, participants will be invited to ask questions by tweeting and through the Webinar’s chat feature. The webinar will address questions during the final 15 minutes of the session.

The goal of GTS Digital Formation is to help clergy and lay leaders throughout The Episcopal Church to appreciate the importance of understanding the use and effects of social media for ministry, as well as its theological foundations and implications. For more information about GTS Digital Formation go to: