Prof. J. Robert Wright: A Companion to Bede and Students


Prof. J. Robert Wright's new book, A Companion to Bede, has been enthusiastically praised in a review published in the May 6, 2012 issue of The Living Church. The review commends Fr. Wright's book as  "a gracious and thoughtful guide to the occasionally perplexed modern reader." Fr. Wright's Companion to Bede's Ecclesiastical History of the English People "follows the Ecclesiastial History chapter by chapter, explaining along the way Bede's sources, terminology, theology, predispositions, omissions, references, and the structure of the work." According to the review, Fr. Wright's  "clarifications are intriguing, judicious and truly helpful without ever oversimplifying. The author is thoroughly acquainted with current scholarship and offers the reader guidance through the often perplexing structure of Bede's great work."

This Summer, Fr. Wright is offering a two-week course at General Seminary on the Venerable Bede and the origins of Anglicanism. The course will examine such topics as liturgy, foundations of spirituality, methods of evangelism, miracles, baptism, eucharist, ways for interpreting the Bible, monastic life, ideals of priesthood and episcopacy, and the struggles between Roman and Celt. The course will include a reading of Bede's Ecclesiastical History in its entirety, guided by Fr. Wright. Bede's Ecclesiastical History, he notes, is "the gateway book to Anglican history."