The Rev. Kelly Ayer (Class of 2010) Wins Hometown Hero Award


The Rev. Kelly Ayer (Class of 2010) has been named a Greater Rochester American Red Cross Military Hometown Hero of the Year for her ministry at Zion House -  a transitional living home for homeless female veterans. A veteran herself, Kelly was called to Zion House after graduating from General. She oversaw renovations and completed Veterans Administration inspections in time to welcome their first resident in November 2010. Zion House was the first such facility in New York state, and the second in the country. Since opening, they have served 17 homeless female veterans. In addition, Kelly has developed a work rehab program for the residents, making homemade Goat's milk lotions and soaps called Boadicea Spa Products. This allows the residents to gain work experience and job skills in a supportive environment.

To see the Red Cross Announcement click here.

To see Kelly talk about the award on video click here.