GTS Opens Grounds for Visit from Local Public School - Quiet Reading Ensues


On sunny Friday, June 8, 2012, kindergarten students from Public School 11 in Chelsea visited General Seminary to enjoy quiet reading on the new lawn of the East Quad. More than 100 children came with brightly colored beach towels to read underneath the beautiful, decades-old Silver Maple, London Plane, Red Oak and American Elm trees. One little girl lay on her back with her feet straight in the air as she read. One little boy took a break to do a cartwheel. A few teachers read to their students, raising books high above their heads so the children could see the illustrations. Among the children was Peyton Rau, son of Melissa and Mike Rau, M.Div. 2013. Later in the day, Peyton celebrated his birthday with his kindergarten class as they enjoyed Melissa's homemade cupcakes!