Clarification on Medical Insurance Requirement for Students

All full-time students and their families are required to have medical insurance.
Students have two options (all students must complete the "Seminarian Insurance Enrollment Form").  
1. Decline Coverage: If you are covered by a medical insurance plan through your spouse/partner, diocese, or other source, complete the "Seminarian Insurance Enrollment Form" parts 1 and 7. Write "Declining Coverage" in Part 3 and provide a copy of your medical insurance card. If you have already provided your card to GTS, note that on the form. You may decline medical coverage and elect the dental insurance plan.
2. Enroll in one of the plans offered by Episcopal Church Medical Trust: Read information on the plans in the  "Seminarian OE Guide 2012-13 or go to Church Medical Trust website,  and look for the link to  "Seminarian Insurance" on the left side of the home page. Complete all parts of the "Seminarian Insurance Enrollment Form except for Part 2. Dental insurance is optional.
---Coverage Period: September 2012 -  August 2013.
---Rates: See "2012-2013 Assn of Episcopal Seminaries Rates". Rates quoted are monthly.
---Payment: The cost of the coverage for the semester will added to your seminary bill.
How to submit: Enrollment Form should be printed out, completed by hand and returned to Robert Elliot, Room 9 on the ground floor of Seabury. If hand delivery is not possible, email your form to
Deadline: Friday, August 3