GTS Offers Courses for Distance Learners


General Theological Seminary is offering courses in late August and during the Michaelmas (Fall) semester that can meet the needs of students who wish to gain knowledge in a particular subject, learn more about their faith, and enhance their ministry and prayer, yet who cannot study full-time in New York City. On August 28-30, 2012, GTS will offer The Spirituality of Preaching, a course requiring only a three-day residency in New York City that invites in-depth exploration of the experience of preaching, both for those who preach and those who listen to sermons. The course is appropriate for anyone drawn to the ministry of proclamation, including experienced clergy, seminarians, and lay persons who wish to derive greater spiritual benefit from their experience of sermons.

Then, in the Michaelmas 2012 term, GTS will hold six online courses open to distance learners. The courses include foundational study in scripture, liturgy and ascetical theology, as well as church history electives especially relevant to students preparing for ministry in The Episcopal Church. The courses are offered either synchronously, with teachers and distance students interacting "live" during class hours through state-of-the-art technology, or asynchronously.

GTS also will hold a series of review sessions for students planning to sit for the 2013 General Ordination Examination. Students from other theological schools or those who have already graduated from seminary may enroll in these GOE review sessions, choosing either to attend them at General Seminary or to pursue distance learning by viewing online videos.

To learn about all of the upcoming courses at GTS and to sign up using the easy online registration system, click here.