About the GTS Community Council

The Community Council serves all of the GTS student community.  Its ministry is to organize various events (such as the terrific Welcome Party last Sunday) and to provide a voice for the community in addressing topics of general interest to the administration.  The Council President meets with the Dean once each month to maintain an open and continuing dialogue. Events organized by the council are funded from the Community Council budget.  Some are events that follow the pattern of previous years and some may be newly introduced.  Typically, each member of the council organizes one of the scheduled events, though the council always functions as a team.

The Community Council President is Michael Meaney, MDiv Senior; the Vice-president is Mike Rau, MDiv Senior; and the Secretary is Lauren McLeavey, MDiv Senior.  These offices are elected by the entire student body.  There are also other representatives on the council: from each MDiv class, from the MA and ThD classes, from the Spartners, from the commuter students and from the faculty and staff.  These representatives are elected or appointed by their respective groups.  Community Council elections will be held in mid-semester.  It is not too early to consider whether or not you would like to serve on the council and/or to identify peers who you think might be effective spokespersons for your group.

As a note of interest, previous members of the council have opined that the President and Vice-President might be more effective if they have been on the Close for at least one semester.  However, this is not a requirement.  It should also be noted that the terms of office span two academic years (e.g. fall semester one year through fall semester the following year).

Any community member may bring a topic to the council for consideration.  It is suggested that you first contact your group representative, who can bring the topic up at the next scheduled meeting.  Regular meetings are held monthly, although special meetings may be called.  All regular meetings of the council are announced on the calendar and are open to all community members.

Here is a listing of the present members of the Community Council: Michael Meaney Mike Rau Lauren McLeavey Alexander Martin Melissa Rau Tonja Withers James Reho Mitties DeChamplain Andrew Durbidge Richard Pike Nicholas Sollom