Community and Transformation: Beyond Reform in Health and Education

Community and Transformation: Beyond Reform in Health and EducationA Two Day Workshop with Peter Block, Paul Uhlig and Ward Maillard Workshop Date: October 10 & 11, 2012 Molly Pitcher Inn, Red Bank, NJ 07701 Cost: $950.00

Join best-selling author, Peter Block, thoracic surgeon, Paul Uhlig, an internationally recognized authority on healthcare culture and high reliability healthcare, and Ward Maillard, featured in the newest edition of "Flawless Consulting” for his work in transforming the classroom at Mount Madonna High School. These three will explore innovative ways leaders create communities where real change is possible. The focus will be on building community inside institutions, cities and schools. They will discuss the structures and thinking that produce authentic transformation. Peter Block will explore what he has learned since his books on community were published. Paul Uhlig will discuss new work in health care that is producing amazing results, while Ward Maillard will discuss how to shift our thinking about teaching and learning. All three depend on engaging people in new ways that create energized learning environments.

This workshop is for any individual interested in learning and change — both requiring a community to be sustainable. Community is created by bringing a cross section of individuals together to participate in new conversations. Participants will not only hear how Paul Uhlig has been doing this in the challenging health care environment and Ward in the educational realm, but also experience it themselves because the tools of communal transformation will be integrated in the two day experience.

Transformation requires a shift in thinking about health, education and community in a way that creates an opening for authentic relationship to exist. Attendees will learn powerful conversations that shift the focus to engagement and possibility and away from isolation and needs. The essence is to take a step forward in our thinking and design about the ways people in communities come together to produce something new for themselves and also become healthier and better educated. Target Outcomes:

  • Understand the conditions under which transformation can occur.
  • Define leadership as listening, convening, invitation and the triumph of questions over answers.
  • Understand the importance of community and how it is created.
  • Experience first hand the principles of community being discussed.
  • Understand how health is much more than the absence of disease.
  • Understand that learning is about being connected in the presence of expertise.
  • Leave with ways to design gatherings so that transformation can occur.
  • Learn conversations that will lead toward a future different from the past.

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