EEN Conference - Free to GTS Students

The Episcopal Evangelism Network will hold its Mission Development Conference here at GTS next Thursday through Saturday, September 20-22.  Information and workshop descriptions at:

Start your year in seminary off with an amazing collection of workshops and facilitated conversations on missional work in the church today.

What:  This conference is primarily workshop based, allowing you to choose what interests you.  Innovators in our church will be providing trainings ranging from crafting multicultural liturgy to advanced communications practices to strategy for regional ministry development to initiating respectful spiritual conversations with close friends or strangers.

Also consider this a great opportunity to meet fellow seminarians from across the country interested in developing new missions in the church and connect with some key leaders already engaging this work.

Check out the website for a more detailed description, schedule, and extended description of facilitators and their workshops.

When:  Begins 2:00 pm, September 20, 2012 with a Pre-Conference module on leadership development for seminarians.  Ends 4:00 pm, September 22, 2012

Attendance by GTS Students is free.