Episcopal Psychoanalyst Offering Discount to GTS Community

Dr. Krystyna Sanderson, Psy.D., NCPsyA, LP is a licensed psychoanalyst with a Doctorate in Psychology and an extensive postgraduate psychoanalytic training from the Blanton-Peale Graduate Institute, where she is a faculty member in the Psychoanalytic Training Program. In her private practice she employs the theories and findings of several major currents of psychoanalytical thought, including Object Relations, Self-Psychology and Jungian focus on dreams and creative imagination. As a psychoanalyst who is also a visual artist, she uses symbols and images in her practice. She is a practicing Episcopalian, and while respecting the diverse faith backgrounds of her clients, addresses the spiritual component of emotional healing. Dr. Sanderson’s brochure is attached. Her e-mail address is dr.krystynasanderson@gmail.com., her phone is 646 801 0577.  Her brochure can be downloaded as a .pdf file here.