First GTS Flag Football Practice on Saturday

Brothers and Sisters, A reminder that we will have our first football practice this Saturday, September 15.  All members of the GTS community (18+) are invited to play.  This first practice will be a time of giving ourselves time to learn some technique and skills, start to determine what positions folks will do well playing, and plenty of time to scrimmage.

We will meet in front of the chapel at a few minutes before 8:00 am. (I KNOW, 8am on a Saturday is rough--the field space in Manhattan is so hard to get that this is necessary).  We will walk over to the field on 10th ave and 27th street.  Practice will last about 90 minutes, maybe pushing two hours.

Dress comfortably and athletically.  Bring water.  I have the footballs and flags.

Feel free to send any questions my way, or talk to Mac or John.  Looking forward to seeing you on Saturday!  Go Penguins!

Andrew Goldhor