Hebrew Treasures at the Keller Library

A new exhibition has opened at the seminary's Christoph Keller, Jr. Library featuring Hebrew treasures from the special collections not often seen. On display are prayer books, amulets, Hebrew and Samaritan scrolls, and a nineteenth-century Ketubah, made of hand-painted paper attached to linen. The items on exhibition are part of a collection of materials given to the seminary in 1950 by the Rev. Dr. H. Henry Spoer (1873-1951), who served on the staff of Trinity Church Wall Street during the mid-twentieth century.

The idea for the exhibition came to librarians Patrick Cates and Mary Robison as they prepared for a longstanding tradition in the library: a visit by students in Prof. Robert Owens' foundational Old Testament I course to see a Torah Scroll from the nineteenth century. Patrick and Mary write about the exhibition in the library's blog: "We’re thankful for the life and ministry of Dr. Spoer, whose treasures we hold dear."