Inter-Seminary Dialogue

For a number of years, students from General have met with seminarians from other local seminaries to share information about our respective faith traditions and to compare our seminary experiences and life journeys.  These meetings comprise an ad-hoc group called the Inter-Seminary Dialogue (ISD). ISD meets generally one evening each month during the school year at one of the local seminaries.  A few of these are St. Vladimir's Orthodox Seminary, St. Joseph's Catholic Seminary, Jewish Theological Seminary, Hebrew Union Seminary, Union Theological Seminary and General Theological Seminary.  There are no membership requirements, we simply come together with others who are interested in a dialogue about common interests.

ISD events will be announced in advance and all interested students are invited and encouraged to attend.  Walt Kindergan is the student coordinator here at General and Professor Bob Owens is the faculty advisor to the group.

GTS will host the ISD meeting in February this year.