Lunch presentation: Foundation Cristosal (El Salvador), Oct. 10


Reminder: Noah Bullock, Executive Director of Foundation Cristosal, will be on campus Wednesday, Oct. 10, to offer a lunch-time presentation of the work of Foundation Cristosal in El Salvador.

*** If you are interested in attending this presentation, meeting Noah, and learning more about his work with Cristosal, please RSVP to Chaplain Reho at no later than 5:00 p.m. on Monday, 10/8.

For over twelve years, Foundation Cristosal has invited people to El Salvador on Transformational Trips to see and experience for themselves the transformational power of walking in solidarity with the Salvadoran people in their processes of development. Cristosal works in partnership with parishes and dioceses across North America to accompany the Salvadoran people in the construction of a more just society. In over a decade of accompaniment, the lives of thousands of people in North America and El Salvador have been deeply affected by being in accompaniment with Foundation Cristosal.

Foundation Cristosal was founded by the Anglican Bishop of El Salvador, Martín Barahona (who received an honorary doctorate from GTS this past spring), and the former Dean of St. Paul’s Episcopal Cathedral in Central New York, Richard Bower.  Click here to learn more about Foundation Cristosal.